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George E. Stanford, Jr.
Registered Patent Agent

StanfordPatents LLC
P. O. Box 8986
Mandeville, LA 70470-8986



Patent Licensing

In addition to patent prosecution, StanfordPatents also provides intellectual property services as a patent holding organization and as an agent in the negotiation of a patent license. 

  Clients reap the benefits of our active membership in the international Licensing Executives Society (LES), where we have ready access to the latest licensing and marketing techniques. These techniques include:

  • Determining the value of a technology and its royalty potential
  • Finding potential licensees
  • Developing and negotiating a patent license agreement
  • Negotiating technology transfer from the Federal Government

Of particular importance is the patent license agreement. A patent license is the granting of permission or rights to make, use, or sell the patented product, design, or process, the granting being done by a party who has the right to grant such permission. A patent license agreement usually includes a variety of grants in which a licensor sells or leases to a licensee the use of certain industrial property rights or technical expertise.

Advantages to the Licensor include:

  • Increasing income with little or no capital investment
  • Establishing new uses of technology
  • Manufacturing and selling with minimum capital and staff
  • Avoiding certain legal problems
  • Expanding marketing position and equity potential
  • Obtaining R&D improvements from licensees

Advantages for the Licensee include:

  • Increasing technology rights (including new products and R&D)
  • Increasing assistance (technical and commercial)
  • Increasing marketing, sales, and profits
  • Avoiding conflict or infringement suit if existing product is found to infringe someone else's patent



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