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George E. Stanford, Jr.
Registered Patent Agent

StanfordPatents LLC
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Invention Technology Searching

With our subscription access to the foremost United States and international databases, clients enjoy the advantages of speedy, cost-effective United States and international patent searches, and thorough licensing and technology searches.

Adequate searching forms the foundation of every sound business plan, particularly those businesses involved with new and emerging technologies.  A patent search is very cost-effective for inventors, investors, and business owners.   It can readily:

  • Determine whether to invest the money in filing an application for patent
  • Provide critical information toward preparation of a robust application for patent
  • Determine the advisability of entering a particular market as a result of knowing whether the exclusivity of a patent can be obtained
  • Determine whether to file an international application for patent

Similarly, a licensing and technology search can be used to:

  • Find new domestic and international markets
  • Broaden market and product research
  • Discover emerging technologies
  • Find prospective licensing partners
  • Explore technology transfer opportunities with the Federal Government
  • Examine United States and international regulations and legislation affecting a technology
  • Investigate a company, a product, or an industry

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